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“Hello, Lost Eyes” | Music by Truc Ho [Official MV]

From one refugee community to another, we wholeheartedly stand with our Ukrainian friends and your struggle in the Ukraine. To all fellow Vietnamese who know what it’s like to flee from the terror of war and to everyone who believes in the importance of human love and compassion, please make a donation to an NGO of your choosing so that we can show the world that love can triumph war.

Hello, Lost Eyes | Music by Truc Ho | Perform by Sy Dan & Lilian
(For Ukraine from Vietnamese overseas with love)

Hello, lost eyes
Going through the darkest time of your life
Despite stars falling from the sky
Hello, lost eyes
Looking for someplace safe to call home
Hello, lost eyes
Gazing at the stars up high
Wondering why the sun is not shining
Why the moon is not bright
Only haze in the sky
Please don’t be scared, don’t cry
There is heaven and earth in your eyes
You are on your own, but not alone
Our hearts and thoughts are with you
Dark skies turn blue
You are on your own, but not alone
Hello, lost eyes.

Producer: Truc Ho
Music: Truc Ho
Lyrics: Truc Ho, LaLa, LyBach, Thuc Minh
Music Arrangement: Truc Ho
Recording Studio: Tram Tu Thieng Studio
Mix: Rudy, Truc Ho
Singers: Sy Dan, Lilian
Piano, guitars, bass: Truc Ho
Violin: Luan Vu
Cello: Hau Nguyen
Vietnamese Translation: Jason Nguyen
Cameraman: Ethan Le, Tino Nguyen, Quan Ma
Editor: Ethan Le, Vu Tran
Video colorist: Han Nguyen
Graphic designer: Vu Tran
Footage & Images: Reuters

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